This weekend I had the privilege to meet a blog author that I follow. A privilege and a little surreal, actually. Anyway, after the initial giddiness on my part I finally felt confident when she asked to see some photos of my family. Because, let’s be honest, I knew the cuteness of the kids was genuine and the fall photos a sure-fire winner.  Quickly I surfed the internet on my phone, looking for this post.

This one. The one I’m writing right now.

I scrolled through the first page.  Then the second.  I found myself in August and I repeated the process again.  I was confused and flustered and felt like I was losing my mind.  In the end (because God likes to keep me humble,) I had to show her a ridiculous camera phone pic of the kids in all of their home school chicery (<– rhymes with ‘geekery,’ ironically enough).

When I got home, I searched the blog again because I didn’t feel crazy enough the first time.  I was sure I had written this post.  I had to have!  Didn’t I?

Turns out, not so much. No, what I had remembered was the images Jac had loaded onto his facebook page and the witty words I had imagined going with them.


So, not only did he perform a spoiler, I have gone stark, raving mad.  I’ve stewed about my obvious lunacy all weekend and I’m no closer to being comforted than I was when I first realized my loose screw.

I guess that’s what your husband having pneumonia, 2 birthdays, packing for vacation and driving cross country for 25 hours straight will do that to you.


Family Photos 2012 will go down in the books like this:

That was the year dad had pneumonia!

Remember we took the pictures in less than ten minutes?

Yeah! That was the time no one’s clothes fit.

Right!  Ellie’s skirt was too big and Gemma’s boots were to small and the boy’s shirts didn’t fit and their jeans were too short.

That was crazy!

What were mom and dad thinking?!

I wish I knew.

At any rate, the photos got taken, Jac got antibiotics and we got to California.

So, though I know you’ve probably already seen the pics, here they are again.  For my sake.