Our Monday rolled out into such a horrible, yucky day.  Ellie was feeling less than stellar, all of the things I had put off all weekend were towering over me and I had, at times, up to 4 surly kids to contend with.  It was mind numbing.

At the very moment I thought I just might crack and never go back together again, Elisabeth texted from school and requested ideas for African animal face-paints.

We put on the brakes and changed course.  Within minutes, I had a house full of animals.  Real, live, roaring, howling, leaping, fighting animals.

And you know what?  It was sooooo much better than it was before. So much better in fact that after nap, we did it again – same kids, different animals. Even Jac got in on the fun.

Thanks, Elisabeth, for inspiring us and turning our day around.

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