Susan’s been asking since Lucy was born if she has a song yet.  After Gemma’s song, we all kind of expected it for Lu. We’ve tried Gemma’s song.  We’ve tried Queen.  We’ve tried Mumford and Sons.  Nothing has fit until now.  Alleluia!

It’s been a long time coming.

Again, it happened by accident and out of desperation.  Coming back from San Fran and our Wyeth Adventure, we stopped for supper.  Lucy, exhausted though she was, proceeded to scream from that stop onward.  We were dealing with it just fine until I failed to give proper directions and Jac missed  turn and we ended up on a lengthy detour.  Nerves were fraying! Again, Jac just turned on the itunes and the song that played just made her stop.

This time it was the Lumineers’ Ho Hey.

Now I’ve loved that song (along with everyone else) since Trisha tipped me off to the album nearly 2 years ago.  Ellie professes it’s one of her favorite songs and she has quite the choreography to match it.  However, I think I’ve reached saturation.

It seems Lucy thinks she NEEDS the song to sleep and heaven help us if we try and turn it off!  She will wake from a dead sleep, wobble into a sitting position (especially comical in the swing!) and scream angrily.  The other night Jac came to bed asking “How many times is that song on repeat?” (It had been playing for a solid 40 minutes.) “As long as she needs to sleep!” was my answer.

I love  Lucy, I really do. So I just keep repeating right along with the song, “I belong to you, You belong to me, You’re my sweetheart!” And we will invest in earplugs soon, too.