We have found Philip’s calling.

BINGO calling that is.

I ran across a LEGO bingo game here.  We printed it out and waited a few days before we pulled it out.  But when we did?  Man oh, man! Combining LEGOs and competition with the chance of winning tasty tootsie rolls? Nothing could be better!

We were able to find all of the LEGO pieces in our vast collection so we could pull those out while calling and used pennies for markers.  (Ooh!  Handling stacks of coins!  It was the best night EVER!).  Jac and I started out the calling, you  know, to show the whipper snappers how to do it. Then when the kiddos started to win, they took turns calling, too.

Who would’ve thought Philip would be such a natural?

“Blue six brick! Beh-lue sssixx brrrr-ick.” He turned up the volume and spoke so clearly – it was truly amazing.  Jac and I just kept looking at each other and shaking our heads.  Was this the same kid that we have to ask to repeat everything he says 17 times?


The best news, I say, is that this could turn into a lucrative career choice as I don’t foresee a shortage of old ladies anytime soon.  And think of the the character it would build to call numbers instead of flipping burgers!

Just a thought.