You know those days?  Those “off”days?  (not even remotely related to “A Day Off”, by the way.)

Today was one of those days.

The inauguration that I wanted to be happy about experiencing for it’s historic value but sat through with a knot in my stomach. 

Baths in the morning.

The shed had to be addressed.

The Saturn was towed away. 


We called and asked them to come, but it was a little like putting a pet down.  Just a little.  I remember the ‘rents letting me take it to Lord-knows-where with a notorious young man soon after we got it; stuffing 11 of us in there to get ice cream in Casper during a spring retreat; traveling to CA with Lace and Jac; driving to Engaged Encounter in the fog and snow in that purple machine.  Good times.  But it needed to go.  And I couldn’t find the title.  Ugh.

It was warm.  No, hot, for January.  The kids basked in the glow and my heart rejoiced then failed to think it will be at least 2 more months of cold and dark before each day is as beautiful as this. 


And early thawing.  How do I clean these?  Where did she find that?

Then at 1:30 my brother in law called about my nephew’s birthday and I was volunteered to make Batman cupcakes for the party.  At 6:00.  Plans were moved and I focused on these (and sent Jac to go birthday shopping with the kiddos).


Thankfully, he liked them.


A lot.  And they turned everyone’s lips and teeth greenish-black.  Nice.

We were at the party for a while.  I listened to a good deal of Hungry, Hungry Hippos and shrieking children. 


This was a rare quiet moment – Philip playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with Oreo the cat.

I was glad when the day was over.