Growing up, I missed a lot of school.  A. LOT.  Those perfect attendance awards?  Mere pipe dreams for me.  My truancy was due to my sickliness/asthma, my practice of procratinating and a sympathetic mom.  Anyway, for each of my absences, a note or a call was sent to the school, detailing why I had been missing.

I feel like I should do that here.

So, without further ado, below you will find why I have neglected this blog.

1. We’ve been too busy having summertime fun. (Everyone, that is, but Tess who has been working on her pity parties as seen in the above photo.)

2. Having someone around all day to talk to (that would be Chelsey.  Someone who wants to talk about more than Star Wars and Legos and who-had-this-toy-first.) means I am not thinking up deep and profound or even frivolous and inane thoughts to post here.

3. I’ve been staying up too late.  This means I’m too tired and loopy to post much of anything.  It also means Jacques has been staying up with me and therefor, when I get a free second to begin typing he is already asleep.  This is a problem because

4. Ellie is anti blogging.  Okay, I don’t really know that to be fact, but she does seem to freak out and cry each time I attempt to write a post.

5.  I’ve been using my free time to be working out.

Alright, number 5 is a total fabrication, but it’s a nice thought.  Another pipe dream.  Perhaps someday . . .

All this is to say that I am marking my return to this blog with this post.  Coming soon will be loads and loads of pictures (trust me, you’ll be sick of seeing my children), details of Chelsey’s visit, stories from the lake and perhaps some recipes and things to make you laugh.

I hope that explains a few things.