Fall is creeping in. You wouldn’t know it after today, it was sooooo veeeeery ho-o-o-ot. It felt like an oven outside and smelled like one, too, this afternoon. I hung clothes at 5 and by the time I made my way back down the line the first items were dry. Dry, I say! But autumn is right around the corner.

The nights are turning cool and the morning light is decidedly golden. Normally I rejoice at this time of year but, what with the sickness and such, summer has just begun, or so it seems. Plus, AHEM, I’m having a baby. In DECEMBER. That, as we all know, is just around the corner after Labor Day. If I were a semi ( I will feel like that soon enough) I would have my Jake brakes on all the way down this hill.



A few nights ago Jac scurried outside with his camera. He came back inside, watching the kids longingly. “It’s beautiful out there. I think they can sense it’s not gonna last.”

I think he was right. In the meantime, the golden lights in these golden days can stick around just a while longer.

Fall can wait.