When Ellie had her bout of hives, the doctor asked me to sit up on the exam table with her.

“Has she come in contact with anyone who had strep throat?”

We had just traveled half-way across the country and gone to Mass at the Cathedral.  I wasn’t sure how to answer.

“Um . . . not that I know of. . . ”

“Mm-hmmm.  And do you by chance have a shotgun in the house?”

My mind reeled and I am SURE my mouth hung open.  I glanced at the nurse who had her pen poised above her notepad.

“Uh, a shotgun?”  What the . . . ? Really I wondered if this was some weird allergy or if he was trying to alert CPS about something. I thought it best to respond truthfully.

“Actually we do . . . ”

“Good, because in about 13 years you’re going to need it with that smile of hers!”

Riiiiiiight.  And I was trusting my child’s health with this man?  She’s a BABY, for crying out loud!

Anyway, I think it’s already begun.


That’s Ellie and some of the boys from co-op.  They skip class to hang out with her and generally coo and fawn over her until I ask them if they want to hold her.  Then Lord of the Flies breaks out as they trample over each other to be the first to scoop her up.

I can’t keep them off with a stick.  But who would want to when they are the most doting, loving, babywatchers a mother could want?