Mardi Gras continued:

As Susan was leaving Mass on Mardi Gras, she ran into a mutual acquaintance.  This friend asked about her plans for the evening and wondered aloud if she would be someplace where “people got naked and the police showed up.” She related the story to the crowd with embarrassed laughter and we self-righteously laughed along.

Nudity?  Police?  At our party?  Preposterous!

And then . . . 

Was it Gemma or Ellie that strutted out proudly stripped to their skivvies?  I don’t remember but it happened.  To top it all off, she may have shocked a guest or two but when it happened it was if we had been expecting it.

Then there was the police. Sometime during the height of hilarity and noise Jac disappeared out the front door for a time.  Yes, it was the police.  About Monday.  One of our new neighbors had been afraid to exit their vehicle for fear of the ferocious beast/imbicile of a dog that was barking at them.  The good natured officer assured Jac that he’d rather fill his quota of tickets by writing us a fine than call animal control to haul the hound to the pound. Great.

Let it be known that a Daniel Partay = indecent exposure and the cops.  You’re dying for an invite now, aren’t you? Maybe we can switch places. . .