I can’t remember when it started, but sometime recently Philip began shortening  words.

“Mom.  Sometimes I just like to make my words shorter.  I just do.”


But it’s getting us into all sorts of trouble.  We are slow to understand what he is saying and he is frustrated that none of us immediately know what he is talking about.

God love him.

Late at night, when Jac and I are attempting to go to sleep and feeling rummy, we like to reminisce and reenact the kid’s shenanigans.  When we do this, Philip’s made up vocabulary is a riot.  In the moment, though, it is more than a little irritating.

“I’ll be right baa.  I need to go pods.” (translation: He’s returning soon.  He must use the loo.)

“Has anyone seen my blank?” (That would be his blankie.)

Of course, now that I am recording them for all posterity, I can’t remember most of his words.  However, my favorites are when he refers to his siblings as “Teh” and “Ma” and myself simply as “Mm.” I don’t even get a vowel sound – just a slightly longer ‘m.’


I’m praying that this phase is as brief as his words. Fo rea.

*He has tried to call Jac “Duh,” but has been met with much resistance.  And Ellie?  Our choice nickname for her is “El” or “El-Bell’ so he hasn’t attempted anything shorter.