8:17 am

Over the shower, I can hear their din.

Shouting, fighting, crying,

“It’s mine!” they yell. “Stop!”

I want to echo their noise,

Whine back at the madness.

Really, fighting before breakfast should be outlawed.


Stupid Dog

There once was dog named Monday,

Who thought getting out meant equaled a Fun Day,

The neighbor’s dog she bit,

Jac had a fit,

And that nearly was the end of Monday.


Wonky Shopping Cart

Wobbly wheels locking up

Why must you wait until now,

Loaded up, you break.


Teenage Cashier

Thanks for not talking.

Sometimes I like silence, too.

Today is that day.


Dog Hair


Over and over

Gah! This is maddening!

How do I get rid of it?


It is everywhere.

Right now I want to run away.


Seven Months

Baby love, you’re just seven months,

Barely tinged with the Sun’s loving blush;

First you scoot, then you crawl,

THEN you stand up – what’s your rush?

I know you think you’re a big girl,

We say you are all of the time,

But that’s just words said, spoken aloud,

In truth, you’re as small as a dime.

So hold onto your horses, young lady,

And take it slow for your mama,

The way that you’re growing- ti must be said-

Is adding nothing but drama.


Rotten Cabbage

Rotten Cabbage

Soggy, Smelly

Makes me gag

You smell like poo



Rootbeer Float

Forever I took you for granted,

I thought we’d always be close.

Though now with the milk ban,

I’m still your biggest fan,

But imbibing means a Benadryl dose.


Runny Noses

August means summer

Not sickness and suffering

Pass the tissues please.


It has been a week. One of THOSE weeks.  Bickering children, too much to do and a little bit of puny feeling all mixed together and we survived it.  I survived, thanks in large part to gummy bears, a forgiving husband and some Olympics.  And nothing really says ‘T.G.I.F.!” quite like a good haiku, right?

A very happy birthday to Mama Syd!  We owe you an extravaganza!