Dear Lu,

It occurred to me when you’re siblings were asking how they were when they were your age that we might not always remember you at this stage, 30 days in.

-You’re a whopping 12 pounds.  TWELVE POUNDS! And your feet are so big your socks and footie jams don’t fit.

-You are starting to be bright eyed and are tracking well, turning your head to find the source of sounds.

-You have a hair-trigger gag reflex – it’s impressive, really.

-You still like your hands and are getting better and better at getting them into your mouth. Hurray for not having to hunt for a paci!

-Your neck and back are strong. Throw-yourself-around strong.

-Your favorite way to sleep is on your belly on someone’s chest.  I love it.

-You also really like to have a 2 hour party in the middle of the night.  I don’t love that so much.

-You’re still noisy as can be when you eat.  And when waking up.  And when we’re trying to sleep.

-We call you Lulu.  And Lucy sometimes.  But mostly you’re “The baby.”

-You love the shower, being upright and your siblings. You hate burps, wet diapers and waiting to be fed.

-You can sleep through anything and are so patient with being manhandled by your siblings.  They love you so!

-You really hate it when your sister plugs your nose.  We try to keep her from doing it, promise.

It’s been a great first month, sister.  Looking forward to the next! But let’s work on the sleeping thing, alright? That’d be great.