The Central State’s Fair grounds are just blocks from our house, so we’ve been watching the preparations for this year’s fair with great interest. And by “we” of course I mean the kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a fair as much, if not more than, the next guy.  It’s just that this fair is low on exhibits and high on freaks.  To lessen the strange sightings ratio this year we opted to go during the day.  The kids were beside themselves.

First stop, FOOD.


Hands down, my favorite part.  Food that is difficult to eat and worth an entire daily allowance of calories?  Sign me up!


He only appears to be intimidated. 


These glistening coils are my doorway to a coronary.  But they are sooooo goooooood.


After Ellie was full (hey, everyone gets fair food), she practiced her latest trick.  We considered leaving her with the sideshow carnies but figured she was too darn cute.  Freaks aren’t cute.  Plus we have the future of Cirque de Daniel to consider . . .


With this acquisition, Philip was ready to call it a day.  He got to see how cotton candy was made and was happy as a clam about having some that was his.  Max worked on his photo entries for next year’s fair – he took this pic and the one of Ellie.  Worth a ribbon, I’d say.


We did see a small barn of poultry and rabbits and a petting zoo sponsored by the local FFA chapters.  But the jumping castle is what really impressed our crew. 


“Who cares that it’s 10,000 degrees?  This thing is AWESOME!!”


Awesome, indeed.