Some of my favorite memories with my Papa Bill were of being in my jammies around the campfire and him singing with me.  Those songs have made up the soundtrack of my childhood and now, I hope, the soundtrack for my own children’s lives. 

“K-k-k-katie” was crooned to them when they started to coo.

“I see the moon and the moon sees me” has been taught when they recognize it’s presence and continues to be sung nearly every night.

“Do-Re-Mi” seems to come up at the oddest times but it’s sung to them, too.

Having him here this summer (check out the gams on the 81 year-old man!) was wonderful but hearing him sing with the kids was priceless.  Tess especially was smitten with his songs and ddid plenty of entertaining with her own version of “Do-Re-Mi.”

“Fe! A Fe! A Female deer! Ray, a drop of golden suuuuuuun!  Fe! A Fe!  A Female Deer! Ray . . . ” 

Thankfully papa was there to help her get over that scratch in her record. 

And whether or not the kids remember singing with their Great grandpa, I will forever hold that sound in my heart.