If you had been with us today . . .

– You would have woken up to Philip saying he was hungry.  Then crying.  (We feed him, honest.  He has a fast metabolism.)

– You would have been greeted by snow.  Lots of wet, heavy snow.

– You would have had your choice of breakfast – cereal OR yogurt.  Or cereal in your yogurt.

– If you were cool, you would’ve dressed in gray to match the family for Mass.

– You would have squished into the Forester with us because the van was dead (see the mention of snow above).

– You would have driven through town to Blessed Sacrament for Mass Unplugged.  The power was out which made for a suprisingly intense celebration of the Eucharist.

– You would have had Sonic for lunch.  Do you like Cherry Limeades as much as I do?

– You would have either taken a nap or laid on the couch with your feet up watching Dan in Real Life.

– You would have had supper at Bottecelli’s with a creepy waiter.  The food would have been wonderful.

Like our matchy-matchy shirts and double chins?  H. O. T.

Like our matchy-matchy shirts and double chins? H. O. T.

– You would have come with us to the Banff Mountain Film Festival and had sour patch kids and popcorn and a grand time viewing the films.

– You would have gone to bed late after picking up the kiddos at grandma and grandpas.

– You would STILL not have met the baby because we haven’t either.