While we were getting ready to head out for the half marathon, I realized I didn’t have a substantial sweatshirt for Tess.  Flimsy, girly things?  Sure.  Warm, bulky, downy fleece like her brother’s?  Not so much.

I grabbed a sweatshirt that was until very recently (read: that morning) Philip’s and hoped for the best.  I figured I could have any number of fights on my hands when I offered it to her.  She could refuse because it wasn’t for a girl.  Philip could balk because it was his.  Or, most unappealing, they could both wig out.

I was certainly surprised – to say the least – when neither of them uttered a peep about the coat.  But it sure did make me think of this song.

I like my big sister

But I don’t want to wear her coat.

It may be black and it may fit perfect,

But you and I both know, it’s a girls coat.

Now I can handle some hand me downs

Shirts and sandals are out of bounds

Balls and games and such, I don’t mind

But a coat. . . over the line.

– Big Sister by the Bare Naked Ladies