Just when you think you know somebody . . .

Jac and I were given a morning without the kids so we lived it up and went Easter shopping.  I know – we live on the edge.  P stayed asleep and we stayed chipper even though we were out over lunch.  Miracles DO happen!

Let me say this: Easter basket and Christmas stocking shopping usually ends up with us testy at each other.  I have some firm opinions about necessary candy and Jac is of the opinion that less is more.  It has gotten ugly a few times.  So the fact that we managed to pick out the Easter treats AND stay laughing and good-natured is no small thing.

However . . .

I stood pondering one of the displays.

“Who likes the Cadbury eggs?  I mean besides you?” I asked Jac.

“Definitely not me.”

“What?” I asked, because clearly I had misheard him.

I don’t like them.” he clarified.

“But I thought you did!  That’s why we always get them for you!  We buy them especially for you!” I was shocked.  APPALLED.

“Yeah . . . I actually don’t really like candy so . . .”

Seventeen years together and the truth comes out now.  There are surprises around every corner.

Happy Feast of St. Joseph, love of my life.  Thanks for working so hard for us and being the best father I know.  You’re pretty great even if you don’t like candy.