This girl.

She makes us laugh 4 times for every time we are exasperated and we are exasperated A LOT.

This particular day I should have been exasperated and I fear she thought I was.  A sign of a guilty conscience to be sure because she knows she’s not supposed to use the markers.  She knows, too, that if she is using the markers, they are not to be used on her clothes or her skin. That day she had emerged from “nap” with beautifully rendered stigmata – it’s all the rage among the girls currently. So much so that I wasn’t surprised at all upon seeing her. However, it wasn’t until bath time that we discovered this.

She mistook my laughter for derision when it was nothing but delight.  Because really, the skill displayed and how she managed to find such a wonderful canvas . . . well, it was a thing of beauty to be sure.

I’m praying that she gets it out of her system now or sticks to the washable markers.  And, please Lord, keep me laughing through it all.