whirlwind: n. something that involves many quickly changing events, feelings, etc.

Yep, that pretty much sums life up as of late. Was it really just a week ago that I was sewing the lining into the first communion dress?  Was it just the week before that we were prepping for a wedding shoot and here we are again, doing the same thing. This time we are just in another state. Geographically different that is, but emotionally the same : exhausted.

But life is for the living and we’ve been wringing every last drop out of it for the last month.  Traveling, adventures, teething, ordinations, surprises, sacraments, work, play, sun, rain, heat, cold, home and away . . . yes, we’ve done it all.

So there is much to record. California, arriving home, First Communion, Boy Scout Camp, Iron Creek – they all deserve mention.  And it will come.  It will.

For now, it is enough that Jac is home and can wrestle Lucy while I attempt to string together words. Anchors are important in a strong wind and Jac certainly is that for me. Let the winds blow!