A friend just happened to mention that there are 65 days until Christmas.

65 days!!

And here we were just trying to survive October when all along we should have been shopping and getting lists ready. . . Dang.

So, to be a help, I just want you to know what I’d like, you know, if you’re stumped.

On the way to co-op this morning, I happened to see this “contraption” (a favorite word of Max’s) in one of the parks.  It was a ride on leaf vacuum.  In the words of Philip, “I’m not even kidding.” 

This thing was incredible.  Rather speedily it sucked up the leaves and then when the back was full, the leaves were dumped out into neat rectangular stacks.

Immediately I thought of the usefulness of such a contraption for TOYS.  Think about it!  If I had a riding vacuum that could suck up all of the toys and dirty laundry and, ahem, STUFF that seems to accumulate as quickly as dead leaves on a windy day, my life would be so simplified.

But, I’m not sure such a thing exsists. 

Lucky for you, you have 65 days to develop it.  Better get crackin’!