The generous ones, the giving ones, the laughing ones, the hugging ones.

The ones who tickle, or listen, or read another book, or toss them in the air.

The ones who greet them with wide smiles, yelled names, arms flung wide or just a high five.

The ones who say, “I’ve missed you!” and mean it.

The ones who act as jungle gyms, confidants, hair combers, Lego fans, comfy laps, and question askers.

The ones who serve as examples, role models, inspiration, heroes . . .


Thank you for loving on our kids.  For pouring yourself into all the cracks and crevices of their growing hearts.  It is a deposit into their banks that makes them and US, their parents, abundantly rich.

As we see it, here in this house we paint with just a few brushes and just a handful of colors.  But then you stop by, seek us out after Mass, or grab a kid at a game and you’re up to your’e elbows making the painting come alive with hues only you can give. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, grandparent, priest, confessor, godparent, catechist, teacher, leader, mentor, family, friend – we need you all.  THEY need you all. We are blessed to know your love. Don’t ever stop.