Lu gained 5 and a half ounces in the first six days of life.  The midwife was unbelieving and insisted on weighing her twice to be sure.  It was shocking because it is hoped that babies will be up to their birth weight by day 10.

There’s not much in life that I can say I have accomplished all on my own.  There are always ten people in support behind any good thing I’ve done. And these days there’s not much that I do that can be measured and graded in an immediate way.

But THIS?  Well, let me boast about it just a little.  Sure, it was a dance that Lucy and I learned together but it was just us two.  Lu’s belly is round and her cheeks jiggle in the Suburban. Her arms are breaking into rolls and she has multiple chins that are absolutely gorgeous. We can feel her heft and solidness in our arms and hear her growing in her grunts and groans when she stretches.

It makes me proud, this achievement of mine.  I’ll rest on these laurels just a little longer and kiss these cheeks a few more times.

Wouldn’t you?