My husband says I should just post a link to Facebook where you can find our annual family photos.  When I balked, he responded with, “What?”


Have I not made it clear that this is our scrapbook?  THIS is where I double check dates and mark growth, not Mark Zuckerburg’s money machine.

It’s a good thing I know where he sleeps . . .


The photos.  Eleven years we have been doing this – going to Spearfish Canyon to record our family growth.  And how we have grown! “We look like A LOT all together!” I said.  “We ARE a lot.” Jac responded.

The kids were troopers though it meant they didn’t get rests in and it was chillier than anticipated in the shade of the canyon walls.  But after eleven years, they know the drill. “First, we take a picture all together and dad has to run to get in it.  And then we take a just kids picture and we throw leaves. After that we take pictures by ourselves.  I already know what I’m going to do. I’m going to do like this (insert pose here).”  This was said by Ellie but the three eldest all said similar things.  When we arrived at our spot, Max affectionately patted the rock we use to pose them.  “Hey, Mom!  Recognize this landmark?”

Tradition is beautiful.  It makes up the structure of family life.  And I’ll be darned if Facebook replaces the tradition of the pictures going here.