Today . . .

Today was decent.  Pretty good even.  A far cry better than yesterday, actually.  Yesterday was a “I should’ve eaten you when I had the chance” kind of day. Yeah, in hindsight, today was grand.

Even with the Destructive Duo in action, things were okay.

There were rides in boxes and lots of laughter.

The fridge got cleaned out and Jac washed all the leftover containers.  The nasty, slimy, gross ones and all without a single complaint or gag.  Because he’s AWESOME.

Equally awesome was the abundance of duck tape, engineering and imagination that was present this evening.

Siblings are swell.  Especially when they entertain each other without complaint.  And even when one of them socks you square in the cheek like Mohamed Ali. (Tess shoulder-to-faced Phil this morning.  But the young man knew he deserved it so he just grinned in shock and went on like nothing had happened.  His sister, on the other hand, cried bitter tears. She learned revenge isn’t so sweet.)

Funniest thing I heard today: Tess has teeth loosening up left and right and she came running quick to show me.  She wiggled and pointed and narrated.  Philip looked on over my shoulder and said just above a whisper,

“I haven’t had a loose tooth since 1940.”

I laughed harder then than when the punch was landed.

Yep.  It was good day indeed.