I have decided that:

-Thin Mints and Caramel Corn surely contain Nicotine. Every time I think I can handle just one cookie or handful or corn, I awaken from a stupor some time later having eaten 10 of the chocolatey wafers or cups of caramel crunchiness. I vow never again! each time but we all know how addictions work.

– Being sick while being a mom AND pregnant is a cruel, cruel joke.

– This cold/flu/communicable disease is God’s way of telling me to slow down. He has sent it over the weekend -our most productive time!- to reiterate His point. I get it, Lord. Can we move on now?

– Living in the 50’s would’ve rocked. Housemaids? House dresses, cocktail aprons, hats and gloves? Garden clubs? AWESOME. Then I remember cloth diapers, twilight drugs during birth, and less than stellar appliances and praise the Lord that he placed me in the present.

– I may never be ready for this baby but IT IS COMING. Same with Christmas.

– I can live with pasties for Christmas dinner but I don’t think I can do Thanksgiving without turkey. I get choked up just thinking about it.

– Each day that goes by without snow should make me happy, but it just makes me nervous. Really, really nervous.

– Individually wrapped children are pretty awesome.

– Jac cleaning the disastrous kitchen is the best gift he gives me. Well, that and Ben and Jerry’s Clusterfluff.