The second and third week of May is always my favorite time of the year.  Oh, I like other times really well, too – summer at the lake, snow days, thunderstorms – but May? Well, it’s special.

Around the time the lilacs start to bloom, the colleges in the area get out.  The students pack up and go home and instantly the streets are quieter and there is less traffic.  Things just slow waaaaaay down.

It’s too early for tourists and the elementary and high schools are still in session.  It makes for a lovely two weeks.

Then, the crazy travelers arrive and school gets out all within days.  Soon we will see RVs and trailers hopelessly lost and hear the sounds of kids on vacation.

Today was the last day of school in these parts.  I mourned a little for the loss of the solitude we relish during the school year and for the quiet we are about to lose.  But the last day also heralds the coming of summer, longer days and Iron Creek!

I’ll find my quiet there.