1,095 days.  That’s how many Tess has been with us. 

Hard to believe (most days.)

Three years ago today, in a room filled with medical personel, I took a relieved breath .  It was finished!  Then, a hysterically excited intern yelled,

“It’s a girl!” 

All around us shouts went up, nurses cried and machines beeped.  In the chaos, I looked at Jac and he whispered, “It is!” and all went still.

A girl.


I had hoped and imagined, but didn’t dare believe it was possible.  Possible to have and know a daughter.  Possible to share my feminine heart with bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.  Possible to see myself in her cheeks, her eyes, her smile. Oh ye, of little faith!

Tess certainly is not a shrinking violet.  A delicate one.  Or even a Miss Priss.  But she is all girl.  And SHE is mine. 

Every single day.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca Therese.  We love you!