We awoke to rain yesterday morning.  Cold, gray rain.

Everyone was sluggish and we worked hard to warm up – to the day and to each other.  Even with the heat on, we were stiff and clumsy and it seemed as if the cold had gotten into the kid’s ears.  I grew tired of making requests and instituted room clean up so I could do the real chores in peace.  To-dos and don’t-forgets raced through my mind as I washed, sorted and swept.  Hump Day became Harumph Day and it settled in nice and snug.

Then . . .

Then . . .

Coming up from the laundry room I noticed


It left my lips in a shocked and jubilant sort of way and from all corners everyone ran to the window to see for themselves.  There was clamoring and disbelief at first but soon it all melted into a quiet sort of awe.

In that moment there was wonder.

And just like that, the day was different.  Lethargy became excitement and dread turned into anticipation.  There were requests for mittens and plans formed for the mountains of snow they were sure were in the forecast.  Like we were in a snowglobe, the day was turned upside down in the best kind of way all because of a little snow.

God is is like that.  He is good to give me kids who can remind me of the wonder that the first few flakes can bring.  They teach me that just when things seem cold and barren, if you look close, there is joy to be found, even there.  They shoot the gray through with dazzling light and embrace the change with expectation.

That’s pretty wonderful.