Tess is currently obsessed with a children’s dictionary that someone in CA gave the kids.  It has friendly pictures and she pores over the contents at length.

Tonight as I watched her studying, she came to a page of animals.  “Mama?  Monkey.”  “Mama?  Pig.”   I pointed to the sheep and asked her what it was.  “A moo.”  “No, silly.  A sheep.”  “No!  Moo.”  I pointed at the cat next.  “Maow.”  “A cat?”  “No!  Maow!”  Apparently, in her filing system, some animal go by there names and others soley by their sounds.

In related news, she saw the picture of a sandcastle and nonchlantly said as she pointed at it and turned the page, “Cake.”  I luaghed and agreed.  Smart pup, Aunt Cristie’s sandcastle was a cake.