We were very busy this last week with many delicious things.  Besides birthday cake there were:


Oreos dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles.  The kids did these all by thier lones – well, I melted the chocolate for them.  These were for snack at co-op; a huge hit, as you can imagine.


Candy coated marshmallow pops!!  Jac and I cranked these out, again for co-op, and packaged them up in nice little bags with ribbon.  They looked like roses and the kiddos thought they were so cool.  But I think the moms hate me.


And the pie of the month!!


Chocolate Silk Pie with Shortbread Pecan crust and sweetened whipped cream.  My father-in-law was here tonight raving about it.  I’m just glad it turned out well – it was a little stressful to put together.  However, it was delivered before the 15th!  A real, live Valentine’s Day miracle!