Since we were away in CA for such a long time, we didn’t get a chance to see many of our youth alum who had come  home from Christmas.  It’s always good to catch up with them and be inspired (or inspiring, as the case may or may not be!) by their presence. 

Tonight, a few were still around and getting ready to head back so they congregated here.  We decided to have tea ready to go, but first Jac had to fix the top of my creamer pitcher (he broke it.  For shame.  SHAME!!!).  Things got a bit sticky.


There was only momentary panic – on his part – and hysterical laughter – mine – and no major injury.

Next, while clearing out the napkin holder (napkin holder = mail slot here. You?) found some Australia tatoos our friend Angela brought back for the kiddos.  First he put one on.  Then they were all clamoring for some.  He handled this with aplomb because I refuse to take part.  (Might be some residual fear/shame my mother instilled in me – “They may be laced with LSD!”  I didn’t say that out loud, but I was thinking it.  Thanks mom, love you.) Soon everyone was tatted up and proudly displaying their Aussie spirit.


They look fierce, don’t they?

Tea with the ladies was excellent.  We miss them again already.