Remember. . . 

Remember that Ellie began asking in November for her Library card because she could write her whole name.

Remember how she practiced diligently?

Remember that on the last day of November, in an attempt and grasp of normalcy (post-baby/thanksgiving/guests), we went to the library.

Remember how she asked, “Please, Daddy?  Can today be the day I get my library card?”.


Remember how her siblings were excited for her (with just a little pang from Tess who was not prepared to be unseated so soon as the youngest card bearer.  Remember to give that girl a hug.) and were patient while we filled out paper work.


Remember how she could barely see over the counter.


Remember how she didn’t need to sign her whole name after all with all the new-fangled technology?


Remember her excitement and pride in being able to check out her own books.

Remember that later that week she began to read – really read.  Remember that it was Genesis 3:15, 20 that was her accomplishment.

Remember she was 4.