It’s a long standing joke (you must see National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in order to fullly get it.  Jac made me watch it this year so I’d be truly initiated.) in the Daniel family that when you recieve a gift, you ask if it’s a “Jelly of the Month Club” membership before opening.  It’s too much energy to try and explain, so just trust me on this.

As a 1. Smart Alec jab at my father-in-law and 2. because Raul really, really likes my pies, we gave him a “Pie of the Month” membership for Christmas.  This means every month, around the 15th or so, I will bake him a different pie.  We made up a coupon book with the detail of the membership and each month’s pie – very shnazzy.

Then we realized that Saturday was the last day of the month and he had not gotten a pie. 

Sometimes we’re a little slow like that.

We all went to work on a Sour Cream Raisin Custard Pie with Brown Sugar Meringue.  (It sounds waaaaaay more involved than it was – it was actually very easy to put together.)

Philip helps with the meringue

Philip helps with the meringue

Even a kid could do it!!!


This is my first ever meringue . . . it looks pretty good!  Word on the street is that the pie was delish (For the record I would never, EVER eat a raisin custard pie.  Puke.) We added fresh cinnamon – a favorite of Raul’s – and soaked the raisin’s in rum, so it should have been good.) I’m looking forward to trying some new pies with this gift – “trying them” as in baking them.  I’ll try to keep you posted each month.


We’ll see how that goes!