Extra! Extra!

Sunday, the last day of the Christmas season, brought with it a lovely Christmas treat.  Jac, Max, Tess and I joined some dear friends to watch Little Women. Two things: First, I cried even before it began (darn those trailers!) and then all the way through.  Other...

Maxed Out

God bless Max. He keeps quietly proclaiming, "Blog post!" and making notes in my phone of the funny or traumatic or traumatically funny happenings around here. It's a hint to write, to not forget, to make available for the future. However, However. . . *insert excuses...

Mindless Mutterings

All day long I write things in my mind. Long, beautiful odes to my children or the laundry or the frost on the trees. Short, inspired poems for grating cheese. Witty, funny memoirs that will someday make up for the lack of baby books. Or would make up for that if I...


What is that wise and oh-so-pithy saying? "Failure to plan is a plan to fail?" Right. Planning.  That's what I should have done for school! Instead, I just kept saying yes to all the good things and then I happened to look around and realize I have been,...

Sixteen Years

Sixteen years. Sixteen years we've been heading to the canyon, to the same spot, for fall photos. That could mean a lot of things but mostly what comes to mind is, "We should have this down by now!" And by this I mean the choosing of the outfits,...

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And So It Begins

We've made it an entire month into the school year and I still don't know what I'm doing.  I imagined when we started this crazy gig 10 years ago that at this point I'd have it down.  Homeschool would be a finely tuned machine. *snort!* *GASP!*...

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Last week I had an appointment out of the house. The receptionist greeted me in her usual cheery manner and inquired about Gus. “Is he still being a good boy?” I don’t remember how I answered but I’m sure it was vague and mentioned something about sleep. I do know I...

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Body Builder

  I distinctly remember in elementary school hearing my mom and her friends discussing how birth had made them lose all sense of modesty.  I also distinctly remember thinking, "Ew." And now here we are, with all sorts of things being seen (and unable to be...

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Then and Now

One of the wild things about having had children over the last decade and a half  (holy cats, that makes me feel old) is how much things have changed between our first baby and our last. And I'm not even talking about us - no that's a whole other post. I was reading...

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In the Middle of the Night

Octavius, Yours was the pregnancy of sleeplessness so it seems only fitting that my favorite time with you is in the middle of the night. That's when it's quiet and still and it's just you and me again.  Your eyes are wide and bright in the dim light of the lamp and...

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