Curriculum Development

It's that time again, back to school. Or, in our case, still staying home. We homeschool moms have been checking in with each other.  "How're you doing?" "What are you thinking?" "Are you ready?" There is a part of me in this COVID-addled world that wants to shrug my...

Being Real

We have long been fans of Lin Manuel Miranda's Hamilton Musical.  I'm pretty sure the kids from Lucy on up can sing the entirety of the show (well, maybe not the entirety. There are some less than appropriate bits that have been kept from the playlist.)...

The “A” Word

Well, it's Lent.  As such, we've banished the "A" word from our vocabulary.  And thankfully, mercifully, blessedly no one's been hollering, "Mom!  She said the "A" word!" while out and about so far. That's because they're occupied with the OTHER "A" word. I blame...

Extra! Extra!

Sunday, the last day of the Christmas season, brought with it a lovely Christmas treat.  Jac, Max, Tess and I joined some dear friends to watch Little Women. Two things: First, I cried even before it began (darn those trailers!) and then all the way through.  Other...


Half-way through Advent and this was the state of things. It may be that 2018 goes down in the books as the year mom failed at the Advent calendar. It’s really too bad as I purchased the candy necessary and even made up the calendar with activities ahead of time.  The...

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Pitty Potty Party

Since we were talking about Penny . . . Pretty sure her potty-training is my Waterloo.  And I know I'm given to hyperbole and dramatics, but I'm serious about this.  I'm afraid it just isn't going to happen. Let me be clear - when I write and whine about things here,...

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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Did you see the title and think I was going to bemoan the time change?  Whine about the loss of light and the soul-crushing blackness? Too bad if you did because that's not what this is about. Nope. This is about Penny and how she or I - maybe both of us? It's unclear...

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Sixteen Years

Sixteen years. Sixteen years we've been heading to the canyon, to the same spot, for fall photos. That could mean a lot of things but mostly what comes to mind is, "We should have this down by now!" And by this I mean the choosing of the outfits,...

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And So It Begins

We've made it an entire month into the school year and I still don't know what I'm doing.  I imagined when we started this crazy gig 10 years ago that at this point I'd have it down.  Homeschool would be a finely tuned machine. *snort!* *GASP!*...

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Last week I had an appointment out of the house. The receptionist greeted me in her usual cheery manner and inquired about Gus. “Is he still being a good boy?” I don’t remember how I answered but I’m sure it was vague and mentioned something about sleep. I do know I...

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