Pitty Potty Party

Since we were talking about Penny . . . Pretty sure her potty-training is my Waterloo.  And I know I'm given to hyperbole and dramatics, but I'm serious about this.  I'm afraid it just isn't going to happen. Let me be clear - when I write and whine about things here,...

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Did you see the title and think I was going to bemoan the time change?  Whine about the loss of light and the soul-crushing blackness? Too bad if you did because that's not what this is about. Nope. This is about Penny and how she or I - maybe both of us? It's unclear...

Sixteen Years

Sixteen years. Sixteen years we've been heading to the canyon, to the same spot, for fall photos. That could mean a lot of things but mostly what comes to mind is, "We should have this down by now!" And by this I mean the choosing of the outfits,...

And So It Begins

We've made it an entire month into the school year and I still don't know what I'm doing.  I imagined when we started this crazy gig 10 years ago that at this point I'd have it down.  Homeschool would be a finely tuned machine. *snort!* *GASP!*...

Then and Now

One of the wild things about having had children over the last decade and a half  (holy cats, that makes me feel old) is how much things have changed between our first baby and our last. And I'm not even talking about us - no that's a whole other post. No, the world...

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In the Middle of the Night

Octavius, Yours was the pregnancy of sleeplessness so it seems only fitting that my favorite time with you is in the middle of the night. That's when it's quiet and still and it's just you and me again.  Your eyes are wide and bright in the dim light of the lamp and...

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Snippets of conversations from the last week regarding names: "Does it sound pretentious?" -Jac "Yes. Yes it does." - Me "I kind of feel like this might be our last shot so we have to make it count." - Jac "I think I'm okay with being 'those' people with the zany...

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The Change

Spring has arrived! Tess is planting plants, Lu learned to ride a pedal bike, Philip's allergies are in full swing and poplar buds are sticking to everything. It's glorious! Finally. This winter . . . it was a long one. A really, really looooooong one. So much bleak...

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Elephants Never Forget

Anyone else spend a good deal of time watching animal documentaries as a kid? Anyone? I guess it was to be expected what with our antenna tv and PBS being one of the handful of channels we received. It should also be expected that these shows always stressed me out. ...

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