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The kids like to play a game that might be called, "Catch Phrase." Not that Catch Phrase.  No, this is naming a person they know (or pretend they know.  Like a cartoon character. #homeschoolweirdies) and then trying to list their catchphrases. It's entertaining until...
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Pínch olé

When a homeschooled Mexican meets a word they don't know . . . "Hey, mom, those "píncholé" cards are CRAZY. There's a ton of kings, queens, jacks . . ." At this point I realized what he was talking about and couldn't breathe for laughing. "Pee-knuckle!  Those are...
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Girls, Girls, Girls

And just when we thought we could embrace "normal," we sent the boys off to Totus Tuus for the week. *sigh* Im glad it's Friday. Im also glad for this "girls week." Somewhere along the way I picked up the idea that a group of girls is dangerous. Sure, a gang of boys...
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Lake Effect

We're back from the lake.  Mama Syd and Papa Chris are gone.  The pile of laundry that awaits is so tall.  It has us all feeling a little like this: So we know that things will happen at the lake and after 5 decades of being "Iron Creeked" we know that to prepare for....
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Lost and Found

We lost Penny this afternoon. Okay, maybe "lost" is too strong of a word.  "Misplaced" is probably more accurate. Anyway, it was a gut-wrenching, frantic, panic-inducing 3 minutes. It started simply, with the girls in and out of the house through the sliding glass...

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Jac follows some groups on Instagram that are all about the Every Day Carry.  They feature "pocket dumps" in which the contents of their pockets are artistically laid out for others to gawk at.  In case you're wondering, there isn't a stray coin, receipt or lint ball...

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Ave Maria

We are all about learning-by-doing around here.  Penny has begun to attempt the sign of the cross and is enthusiastic about holding her hands for prayer.  This is thanks to plenty of, "Penny! Do this! PenPen! Look! Pen! Like this!" (siblings are great!) and her just...

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In Vino Veritas

Last week. . . Last week I strong armed us back into our school schedule. We had griping and complaining and we had to school in the afternoon (unheard of!) because of a lazy morning and we used Friday for catch up instead of IT. But it was a good week. This week?...

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Go To Sleep Little Baby

Penny has been working - I mean working- to convince us that she doesn't really like the idea of sleep. I'm not sure when this aversion started (as I am rather sleep deprived) but it's been a while. For months now, it feels like we have fought for each minute of...

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This modern age with its diagnosis and syndromes and whatnot. . . It can seem ridiculous. But the first time I read about "Decision Fatigue," I thought, Oh my goodness, write this down, I have that! Alllll day every day I am bombarded with questions. "Can I eat this?...

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