Ready or Not!

The looks on the midwife and chiropractor's faces today made us realize that we should probably get on a baby name poll BEFORE a baby arrived. Alas, that meant that we needed to actually think about names. You know, aside from the random, "Ooh! What about...

Deja Vu

I had an epiphany in mass tonight.  I wish I could say it was of the spiritual variety but it was simply this: Having kids is like reliving parts of high school, but just the painful, awkward parts (a.k.a. ALL OF IT.) Like when your crush would walk in and your...

You’re Only as Old as You Feel

We are 2 months to the day out from our due date and I am feeling it. So, you, know, it was SUPER helpful to have this conversation with Lucy this last weekend. "Mom, can I rest downstairs?" (Read: "Can I go and party out of your site and destroy all I touch?")...

You Go, Girl

  I'm not sure all nearly-15-year-old boys are like ours, but he's pretty stoic. It takes a good deal to get any sort of reaction from him.  That's not to say Max meets the world with a "Meh." attitude, it's just that he tends to be pretty even keel. I would venture...

Toga Party!

Perhaps it was the Great Girl's Room Makeover Project that threw me off or maybe it was a drawn out, over-filled January, or maybe just having seven kids and losing it, I don't know.  What I do know is that Mardi Gras snuck up on me and I was left seriously...

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Because Jesus

Once upon a time, Fr. Castor proclaimed that any question can be answered with "Jesus," it just depends on inflection and tone. It was a good joke for a long while and from time to time it resurfaces and begins again. *** We are giving poetry a whirl. Again. We've had...

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I was participating in an Instagram homeschooling campaign to get out the truth and beauty of homeschooling.  Things were going great until the prompt was #progress and the wheels fell off. You see, last year was grand.  Each time someone asked me how school was...

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Making Up for It

We make many mistakes as parents.  So. Many. Mistakes. For example: Friday I was directing some of the crowd in how to draw a tiger.  Let the record show that if any class I was ever in teased or made fun of the teacher to the extent that my pupils did me, well . . ....

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Light a Match

Things that are from the devil: Perler beads lip gloss permanent markers crayola markers crayons pencils glitter glue slime tootsie rolls scissors stuffed animals socks glue/glue sticks/hotglue cardboard paper yarn boxes bags nail polish How I know this: Inordinate...

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Maxi Skirt

Invariably, when people find out we have five daughters, their eyes get very large.  After that, though, they usually say something along the lines of "Good thing they have older brothers to keep those boys away!" I always laugh politely.  After all the first part of...

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