I was participating in an Instagram homeschooling campaign to get out the truth and beauty of homeschooling.  Things were going great until the prompt was #progress and the wheels fell off. You see, last year was grand.  Each time someone asked me how school was...

Making Up for It

We make many mistakes as parents.  So. Many. Mistakes. For example: Friday I was directing some of the crowd in how to draw a tiger.  Let the record show that if any class I was ever in teased or made fun of the teacher to the extent that my pupils did me, well . . ....

Light a Match

Things that are from the devil: Perler beads lip gloss permanent markers crayola markers crayons pencils glitter glue slime tootsie rolls scissors stuffed animals socks glue/glue sticks/hotglue cardboard paper yarn boxes bags nail polish How I know this: Inordinate...

Maxi Skirt

Invariably, when people find out we have five daughters, their eyes get very large.  After that, though, they usually say something along the lines of "Good thing they have older brothers to keep those boys away!" I always laugh politely.  After all the first part of...

How to Find a Tree

1. Spend weeks asking, fretting and clarifying about when we would get said tree.  Wring hands in worry and consternation that the first Sunday of Advent did not fall immediately after Thanksgiving.  Loudly voice your displeasure at the timing...

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I Wanna Be Like Lu-u-u-u

Lu was as excited for her birthday as any soon-to-be-four-year-old is.  For the month leading up to it she asked nearly every day, "Is today tomorrow?" She's still sorting it out. I heard her the morning of the big day telling Penny, "I'm a big kid now because it's my...

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  *** A word about "Octavius". Yes, for the last 3 kiddos, we have called them by their latin number name.  The birthing center heard me hollering, "Sixtus, come OUT!!!" while delivering Lu and we had a special place in our hearts for Septimus Prime. But all of that...

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St. Catherine’s Coronet

As surely as the changing of the leaves and the turning of the calendar, I am reminded that we have entered into the seasons of All Saints costumes. Lord help us.  I mean, Yay!! While some in our midst have had their minds made up for months, others are still in the...

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We made a quick trek up to Spearfish today on an errand for Jac. "If you go potty and find your shoes right now, we can listen to The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness on the way AND go to the park when we're there." There was a mad scramble while Lucy clarified that I...

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The King

Lucy is in the Sing All the Time stage and it's fantastic.  Do I wish she had more depth to her repetoire or that the refrains she repeats over and over and over weren't so dang catchy? Yes, yes I do.  I don't know anyone who wants to wake up in the middle of the...

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