Last week I had an appointment out of the house. The receptionist greeted me in her usual cheery manner and inquired about Gus. “Is he still being a good boy?” I don’t remember how I answered but I’m sure it was vague and mentioned something about sleep. I do know I...

Body Builder

  I distinctly remember in elementary school hearing my mom and her friends discussing how birth had made them lose all sense of modesty.  I also distinctly remember thinking, "Ew." And now here we are, with all sorts of things being seen (and unable to be unseen, I'm...

Then and Now

One of the wild things about having had children over the last decade and a half  (holy cats, that makes me feel old) is how much things have changed between our first baby and our last. And I'm not even talking about us - no that's a whole other post. No, the world...

In the Middle of the Night

Octavius, Yours was the pregnancy of sleeplessness so it seems only fitting that my favorite time with you is in the middle of the night. That's when it's quiet and still and it's just you and me again.  Your eyes are wide and bright in the dim light of the lamp and...

Elephants Never Forget

Anyone else spend a good deal of time watching animal documentaries as a kid? Anyone? I guess it was to be expected what with our antenna tv and PBS being one of the handful of channels we received. It should also be expected that these shows always stressed me out. ...

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First Class Sass

  Penny . . . Penny, Penny, Penny. Just when we think they can't get any more willful or stubborn or demanding, they prove us wrong. What is in store for us with Octavius?!  As the seventh, Pen doesn't have any trouble holding her own with this crowd.  She thinks she...

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As I trekked up the stairs into Cathedral this last Sunday, ** **an aside: I have a great love for Mt. Everest and love to dream about seeing it someday.  That's downgraded from 'summitting' because 1. My family's name for me growing up was Asthma Girl so . . . 2. The...

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Ready or Not!

The looks on the midwife and chiropractor's faces today made us realize that we should probably get on a baby name poll BEFORE a baby arrived. Alas, that meant that we needed to actually think about names. You know, aside from the random, "Ooh! What about...

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Deja Vu

I had an epiphany in mass tonight.  I wish I could say it was of the spiritual variety but it was simply this: Having kids is like reliving parts of high school, but just the painful, awkward parts (a.k.a. ALL OF IT.) Like when your crush would walk in and your...

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