I Wanna Be Like Lu-u-u-u

Lu was as excited for her birthday as any soon-to-be-four-year-old is.  For the month leading up to it she asked nearly every day, "Is today tomorrow?" She's still sorting it out. I heard her the morning of the big day telling Penny, "I'm a big kid now because it's my...
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  *** A word about "Octavius". Yes, for the last 3 kiddos, we have called them by their latin number name.  The birthing center heard me hollering, "Sixtus, come OUT!!!" while delivering Lu and we had a special place in our hearts for Septimus Prime. But all of...
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St. Catherine’s Coronet

As surely as the changing of the leaves and the turning of the calendar, I am reminded that we have entered into the seasons of All Saints costumes. Lord help us.  I mean, Yay!! While some in our midst have had their minds made up for months, others are still in the...
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We made a quick trek up to Spearfish today on an errand for Jac. "If you go potty and find your shoes right now, we can listen to The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness on the way AND go to the park when we're there." There was a mad scramble while Lucy clarified that I...
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You know what I worry about?  No, no, no, that list is far too long and complicated to even begin.  Let me clarify: you know what I worry about regarding homeschool socialization?  School can be a brutal place where one learns quick about conformity.  We all are well...

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Loose Ends

We've had the great joy/excitement/privilege/good fortune the last two weeks to be at all sorts of doctors and dentist appointments.  I say that with a large quantity of sarcasm, obviously.  Because while our kids are "rockstars," (the dental hygienists proclaimed it,...

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Penny and I took a little trip. No, it didn't involve an ocean and we were on each leg of the trip no more than 2 hours. But the stress I felt about cooping that kid up in a big metal tube in the sky might as well have been from a transatlantic flight! She did great,...

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All Fun and Games

The kids like to play a game that might be called, "Catch Phrase." Not that Catch Phrase.  No, this is naming a person they know (or pretend they know.  Like a cartoon character. #homeschoolweirdies) and then trying to list their catchphrases. It's entertaining until...

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Pínch olé

When a homeschooled Mexican meets a word they don't know . . . "Hey, mom, those "píncholé" cards are CRAZY. There's a ton of kings, queens, jacks . . ." At this point I realized what he was talking about and couldn't breathe for laughing. "Pee-knuckle!  Those are...

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Girls, Girls, Girls

And just when we thought we could embrace "normal," we sent the boys off to Totus Tuus for the week. *sigh* Im glad it's Friday. Im also glad for this "girls week." Somewhere along the way I picked up the idea that a group of girls is dangerous. Sure, a gang of boys...

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