Highlights from our weekend:

– The Jarvi wedding- this meant Julie, Lacey and I were sharing a hotel room for the second time in 2 weeks.  Ahhh, roomies!  Just like back in the day!  It also meant a full day of work turning a gym into a festive reception hall, photographing a wedding and Chrisa’s first kiss.  Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jarvi!

– The kiddos got to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s – a first for Ellie!  The cousin’s were also there so loads of fun was had by all -well, by ‘all’ I mean the 10 and under crowd . . . Kids and grandparents were exhausted by Saturday night.

– Golden Phoenix at the Brown’s post wedding.  Oh, how I love their Mongolian Beef and General’s Chicken!  Best. Idea. EVER, Nate Brown!

– Staying in bed until 11 am on a rainy and cool Father’s Day morning.

-Going to the West Boulevard Festival for lunch and scoring complimentary strawberry cream puffs and ribbon fries.  Also seeing my bff Angela at said festival.  She’s here until July 5th, people!  Life is good.

– I did not think I could like Queen anymore but, it turns out, a blue grass cover of their song ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ really does improve the quality of life for this person right here.

– Making it home in time for a nap in which EVERYONE slept so long and so hard we were seriously late for the last chance Mass.  Not even time to change from our grubby clothes; just shoes and go!  It wasn’t really a highlight but it did happen.

– Perkin’s Strawberry Pie with Grandma and Grandpa. I’m not really sure what all is in that vibrantly red glaze they use but it’s oh-so-delish and stains everything it touches.  What’s not to love?

– Putting tired to kids to bed, listening to the rain and watching ‘The Fighter’ with Jac in bed.  the perfect ending to our perfectly crazy weekend.  Bring on the week.


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