A week ago we had to say goodbye to Mama Syd.  After last year’s detailed baby to-do lists, little forethought was put into this spring visit. It had been a quick week filled with sickness, sorting clothes and shopping and we weren’t yet ready to see her go.

As a parting gift, she proposed we make a playhouse for the kiddos.  “It’s temporary,” she promised Jac.  “You can take it down whenever you want.”

However, after the ‘house fairies’ stayed up until 1:30 building and adding things like shingles, a mailbox and painted trim, you better believe the behemoth will be around for a while. Even though it’s in the living room.

The upside?

“There are great places to hide eggs on this!” Max proclaimed.

Now that’s thinking ahead.

Thanks again Mom for everything.  Can’t wait for June.