Let’s be honest, luck has nothing to do with this post.

It’s more along the lines of “Abundant Blessings.”

Anyway, let’s go with the luck thing, shall we?

– We are lucky we got to hang with Elizabeth this last weekend.  Like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day, she is.  She always makes us laugh.

– GLORIOUS weather.  Glorious I say!

– Lucky to be out in the golden light and soaking up the vitamin D in NOVEMBER. Lu-u-u-u-ucky.

– The three youngest are some pretty lucky ducklings that they have an older brother that washes out the wagon and then pulls them all over the yard and to the bank and back.

– Feeling super lucky to have family that outfits the kids so well in warm things for the winter.

– Won the lottery with our friends. After Monday and Tuesday nights with Fr. and Susan and Elizabeth, my face hurt from smiling.  Note to self: should smile more to work out those muscles.  Addendum to Note to Self: Hang out with Fr. and Susan and Elizabeth more to work out those muscles.

– Lucked out with my spouse.  He dressed up for the All Saints Day party, drew fancy artwork, made skull pops, washes the dishes and MOST of the time, picks up the dirty clothes in the bathroom. Really.

– There is a FREE piano waiting for us at a fellow parishoner’s house.  FREE I say! Now to get it here . . .

It sure is easy to let the crappy-crap-crap pile up and feel bummed out by life.  Well, easy for me, anyway.  I needed a reminder that things are good.  Really, really good.