Lu’s First Birthday:

To Remember:


– That afternoon she mastered climbing onto the pew so she could look out on the wide, wide world.


– She thought she was so smart being able to climb the pew that she decided to give the step stool a try.  I was up to my pits in spaghetti sauce when a big sister yelled.  Lu had climbed to the top, stood on her tip toes and helped herself to a birthday cupcake.  Bright blue drool ran down her chin and onto her chest, the remnants of a piece of chalk she had found.  I put her on the floor and told Ellie to put the dog’s food and water dishes outside while I put the stool away.  I turned around to find Lu in a massive puddle, soaked to the bone.


– Randy brought the NET team to supper – 25 folks sat down to break bread and slurp spaghetti together.  (The sauce scorched while I monitored the facetime call from Mama Syd and Papa Chris and then there was entirely too much oregano.  Not the best show.)



– The birthday song with all of those voices – and many of them real singers – was perhaps the most beautiful I’ve ever heard.  She was pleased with the attention but downright stoked at the prospect of frosting.




– She was loved on by her godparents while the Team took care of pumpkin carving with the older kiddos.  A deathstar, a mini figure head, a cat, a cross, and a cross and fish graced our gourds this year.


– Her siblings shared their memories of the day she arrived and treated her like the little princess they think she is.


– It was a great kick off of a solid 4 days of partying.  I think we will need some endurance training before next year!

We love you, Lu!  So glad you’re ours!