We made our list ‘Summer To-Do List’ last week.  Yes, in mid-July we thought we should plan out our summer.  In our defense, it’s only recently begun to feel like summer around these parts so . . .

We filled a third of the chalk board and that was just with the boys and I working on it.  Tess was asleep and Jac was working so we have yet to get their input.  We only included the “big” things like learning to swim and becoming Wind Cave Jr. Rangers. I didn’t even add chores such as painting the house trim or sorting clothes or purging the downstairs – and those are just the tip of the iceberg.  Like the weather, we are just warming up.

Meanwhile, the blogs I’ve been reading are burning up with mother’s complaining of their children being home and boredom setting in.  Boredom? Really?  Each time I read through a post like this, I begin to steam. These things they are whining about- the joys of summer and motherhood and endless options – are all that is good in life.  Plus, in a smug way, I want to yell, “You can’t handle your kids for 3 months?!  This is what I do ALLTHETIME!  And mostly when the weather isn’t fantastic!” Summer time?  Psshh!  CHILD’S PLAY.


Yes, our list is made mostly of things to entertain us.  US.  As a family.  The rest of the time not spent on the list will be spent – when we’re not “schooling” – with the kids playing.  Eating otter pops, sweating, maybe riding some bikes – all the things that  make up the  golden fibers of childhood summers.  And the less I entertain them, the better their memories will be.

That’s not to say I don’t hear from Tess from time to time, “Now what can I do?” But she always figures it out. Otherwise she ends up on MY list and that’s not a fun place to be. So she plays and we will play and we are never, EVER bored.  There is too much to be done for that.