Because I will talk about my birthday as long as I can . . .

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  I woke up grateful for a husband who does things like decorates, wraps presents (with lots of tape!  My favorite way to open them . . .) and make breakfast.  I was thankful, too, for a home full of kids excited to remind me that I was THIRTY.

Some highlights include:

– Me complaining about my skin acting like it was still a teenager to which Max replied.  “But you’re not.  You’re thirty.”

– When I asked if I should open my presents, Philip – who has recently joined in the spelling game – announced. “Y – E – S. Yes.”  I asked Tess what she thought.  “A – P – S. Yes!”  I like how she says it.

– Pancheros for lunch.  It IS all about the tortilla!

– A surprise appointment for a haircut.  Jac rocks.

– Dinner at Susan’s with Fr. C, Fr. Tim and Fr. Tyler.  Fr. C was the chef and the bruschetta, pasta with portabellos andd cherry tomatoes and Saltimboco was Ahhhh-mazing.  I second Susan’s declaration that God was so good for giving us garlic.

– A party – of adults! – where conversation and wine flowed.

– The lovely gifts folks brought but most importantly, the words in their cards.  They were sweet and savory and I cannot wait to pull them out and drink them in again.

– Lastly, I have debated about passing this along, but in the end, I’ve decided that Fr. Tyler’s blog is too good to keep to myself.  So, if you care to read the lovely words he wrote for my birthday, please visit him here. Best. Present. Ever.

Here’s to beginning the best decade ever.