Yesterday was one of THOSE days. Though we were up early, it felt as if we couldn’t find the gas pedal and just kept revving up in neutral. At 11 I was still waiting for two of the four to get dressed and do what they were supposed to be doing. Nothing REAL had happened so lockdown was enforced and I angry cleaned for 45 minutes to calm down.

Yes, I cleaned to calm down. It was that bad.

After rushing through supper so I could sit through a Bear Den meeting, I was rather fried. Thankfully, Angela and her sister and Lace were waiting at a restaurant with food and laughter and fellowship. Those two hours were just what I needed to face another day.

I was so thankful for the gift of friends. They have always been so good to me but they made this last week so much easier to survive. While Jac was away they kept me company, fed our horde and kept us busy. They kept me sane.

Though, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be so bad if I was wound up enough to angry clean more often. Maybe then I’d have more of a chance to get this place together before the babe’s arrival. But that’s what friends are for, right?