I spy with my little eye: my phone and a heart in my slushy.

I am ashamed to admit that about a year ago I finally had had enough and plucked up my courage to ask Jac was “Those pound signs in front of phrases” meant.

He looked at me hard for a minute, blinked, took a breath and patientlly explained that they are called “hash tags” and were used in social media to classify things.


Meanwhile, I was happy with my flippy phone.  I could text easily and it had a calculator (I’m not so good with the math skeelz) so what more could I want?

Silly me!

Jac surprised me with a very unexpected iPhone for our anniversary.  The best sort of surprise because I didn’t know I wanted or NEEDED such a thing and yet here it was!

I. Love. It. Loveloveloveloveloooooove it.

But I’m still figuring things out.  I stick to what I know and am comfortable with so there is an entire screen of apps that I have yet to use.  I’m afraid to tap the wrong thing or get to far in and never make my way out.  I don’t want to make a fool of myself especially not when my husband will have to fix it. So embarrassing.

I’m more on top of my email and active on Facebook.  Even Instagram! But Twitter? Not so much.

I don’t know, it just feels so weird.  And pressure ridden.  New, profound thoughts, staying up dated, 140 words or less . . . Really, that’s the kicker for me.  Me=not so pithy and concise.

But the hashtag?  I’m all over it.  At least I think I am.  I thought I’d take to this forum to practice.

-Sharpie on yourself is one thing.  Sharpie on your little sister is another. #Ineedananny #inked #whatthe?

-We were gifted a set of my great-grandmother’s salt and pepper shakers.  Philip wondered “but how do we grind it?” #raisingfoodsnobs #seriously? #wehomeschool! #gottagetoutmore

-Yes, I allow cartwheels in the house. #winning #fail #bestmomever #physed #tootiredtocare

– Tess claims I’ve never taught her anything #wehomeschool! #Ineedadrink #awesome

Whatcha think? Could I hack it in the twittersphere? Is that a word? #confused #uncool #notnerdyenough

Yeah, probably not.

Jac got me a smart phone for our anniversary.  What did I get him? A MUG. A dumb mug I painted at the pottery place.  #worstgiftever #horriblewife #Iowehim