It has begun. School, that is.

Well it never really ended so technically I don’t know if we can begin AGAIN as it were . . .

It’s true we school all year round.  Michael (Ellie’s ‘Godfod-uh’) asked this summer if the kids were aware that everyone else was on break and if they resented that.  I told him that it was all about perception because Max had said what a bummer it was that the kids in school only got two months of summer vacation “and we get to have it all year round!”

Sweet! I think?

It’s also true that sometimes school take a short hiatus or looks a little different.  The Lake for instance.  The routine is different and there is no formal “kid school” but there is science, p.e., history and math in abundance.  Label me an unschooler, I don’t mind.

Anyway, what was I talking about?

The New Year. Right.

It is our tradition to greet the new school year with some fance (it’s how Philip and I do fancy.  Tre chic, no?) and fanfare.  It fans the flames of enthusiasm and marks a change in seasons.  We choose to do it on St. Augustine’s feast day as he is Philip’s patron and patron of students so it works beautifully.

There are hats.  And pictures. And something fun to eat.


This year we have yet to make up our minds about our theme so that was missing as were any guests.  But there were some New Years Resolutions (Tess will learn how to read! Philip will learn his time tables! Max will do the geography bee!) and funny faces.  After that, things quickly spiraled out of control.



We capped off the night with a trip to Armadillo’s because nothing can help wound-up crazies as much as an ice cream cone, right?!


Here’s to a great year! Wish us luck!