Do you have any plans for this weekend?  Anything exciting and fun?

Fun like four feet of scotch tape?

Any good ideas?

Unlike this:

This is a decidedly bad idea on so many levels.  I don’t even know where to start . . .


Me?  Well, we’re not sure what the weekend has in store for us just yet.

But I’m bound and determined to make it a good one.

I wish the same for you.

And, if there is anything unpleasant you have to tackle,

Love the nose shots! Kudos for Philip for having a clean one!

I pray it is painless.

And, if not painless, quick at least.  “Like tearing off a band aid.” (- Philip)

But whatever you do, I hope you look fabulous doing it.

"Do I look like a real robber now?"

You know, with all the right accessories and what not.

Now I’m off to celebrate the end of the week by cleaning this:

When Mama's away . . .