(Yes, that is my belly button sticking out.  No, it does not mean “the turkey’s done.”  Pardon me if I don’t laugh.  The button came out about the time I told everyone about the newest Daniel.)

The shirt I’m wearing in the above photo is to support one of our youth who had surgery on a brain tumor before Christmas.  She is well and recovering now.  Anyway, the shirt reads “Ali Tough” and Jac and I each have one.

Mine is barely fitting – as you can see.  Jac wore his Saturday and I put mine on Sunday night before I headed to a massage.

Philip took one look at it and said, “Did that shirt get too small for Daddy and it’s yours now?” 

‘Cuz that’s how we roll in this house.

What doesn’t fit the one above gets passed to the one below -it’s a law of nature, I think.  It keeps the kids totally confused, too.  “Is this mine now?”  “Hey!  That’s mine!  No, wait . . .”

Anyway, I totally missed the humor of Philip’s question until I relayed it to Jac later who said, “Wait.  He thinks I’m bigger than you?”  I laughed.

Then I thought, “You don’t??”