Today Tess turned two.  I can’t believe it either!!  How the time does fly …

She woke up this morning and got out of her “big girl bed” all by herself. (That, my friends, deserves it’s own post, but I’m lazy.  The little monkey climbed out of the crib by herself 3 times on Friday.  I mentioned nonchalantly to Jac that the time had come to put her in a big bed.  That evening he wrestled the toddler bed from the garage and had the boys help him take apart the crib and put the bed together.  He was getting pretty frustrated by the uncooperative nature of the bed and was just stripping down to his skivies – he was sweating so – when I jiggled the drain stop in the bath and pulled it right out of the wall.  “Crap!” I said.  “What?!?!” he said more or less in a “what now??” vs. panic sort of way.  Let’s just say he didn’t look all that happy when he saw what had happened.  Anyway, Tess took to her bed like a champ; it only took her one night to master the art of staying on the pillow.  Tonight, when my mom asked her on the phone if she liked her new bed she replied, “Awake! And Bed!! And poop.”  I take this to translate to “When I wake up in my bed, I get up and poop.”  At least that’s what we witness on this end.  I digress … )  Then she climbed into bed with me and I pronounced it was her birthday with much fan fare.  Her eyes got big.  “And cake?!”  After some laughter I asked her how old she was.  “4.3.9.” she said in all seriousness, showing me an odd assortment of fingers.  She kept this up throughout the day, never wavering from 4-3-9.  At least she’s decisive!

We did not have cake.  I am still sick with a sinus/chest/etc. infection and in the words of my beloved “When Mama is sick, there is no birthday!”  The boys were insistent that a cake be made.  At home.  By loving hands.  Hurray for traditions already in place.  Boo for a failing body.  I was going to just purchase those delicious loft house cookies – the ones with pink frosting and colored sprinkles.  Alas, they only had orange and black ones.  So butterfly cookies were made at home and the sugar fix was filled.

In related news, the family members to celebrate birthdays so far this year have all been sick on their big day.  Someone knock on wood before Jac’s day on Sunday!