I wanted to title this post ‘Eggcelent’ but auto correct changed it to Egg Clement so I just went with it. It was how we did Easter this year, after all. The rolling with things, not the Egg Clement – I can’t even pretend to know what that is.

Anyway, Easter 2012 was a relaxed one. Holy week we cleaned instead of crafted. We rifled through hand-me-downs for Easter duds and did our level best to not stress out over baskets with themes or things like that. And you know? We were just as excited about Jesus conquering death without the cool resurrection cookies as we would have been with them.

In fact, by the time we were attempting to stuff wriggly girls into tights and teach bouncing boys how to tie ties before the Vigil on Saturday night, the anticipation was palpable.

“I just can’t wait for it to be Easter!”

“Can we say the ‘a-word’ as soon as we get to church? When then?”

“Oh, I remember the fire and the candles! I get to hold a candle, right?”

And my very favorite, from Philip who wondered, “Why does Easter Sunday take so much longer to get here than any other Sunday??”

Ditto. Buddy. DIT. TOE.

So when we all woke up to sunshine and chocolate and tissue paper packages from California, life was great. Even better that that life is Eternal.

Thanks, Jesus. That’s more awesome than chocolate.