I’m writing this, a little love note, because while at the moment we are sure we won’t forget this last weekend, maybe we will need a reminder of how heroic you were this weekend.

On Saturday night as I prepared hopefully for sleep I texted you from the hotel and shared with you my nerves about the race.  Your response included this: ‘You are going to do great.  You are an amazing woman.” Etc., etc. My answer was lame especially after your day.  Indeed, you are the one who was amazing.

First, you started the day by going shopping for sunscreen for me and picking up the bachelorette cake and lunch for the kids.  You even took the middle two with you.  Then I was off and you were in charge.  So off you went with all four kiddos in tow to the air show.  You stayed there all afternoon with them.  You had Nate and Bailey over for supper then taught Tess, in that single evening, how to ride a bike.  Then Philip carved up his knee – you sent me a photo and said there was a lot of blood.  Today I noticed drops of dried blood on the porch proving your story.  Later, Max choked on a ring and you performed the Heimlich. You called me then to say you were sure that the house would burn that night.

But you survived any further calamity and managed to get everyone up early and dressed and to the marathon to cheer us on.

And you did it all without complaint or guilt or expectation of payback.  You were supportive of me and super dad to the kids.

I just want you to know that that makes you amazing in my book.

I love you.