Folks keep asking us if we’re going to find out what this baby is.


Then they ask what it is that we want.  Like we have any say in the matter. After all, as Fr. Tyler says, we are currently delicately balanced with 2 of each.We usually shrug and laugh and say we don’t care, HOWEVER. . .

The kids, of course, have strong opinions.  Max wants not one but TWO boys.  In fact his words were, “If it’s a girl and she’s like Tess, we’re gonna need a boy.”  And Tess had requested 20 girls.  She’s a dreamer, that one.

She’s also dramatic.  Overly so.  And while we have said Ellie is easy going and relaxed, we are learning that she has a streak of drama just as strong as her sister’s AND she has an excellent tutor in Tess.  She’s a fantastic mimic and these days anything Tess says with even a hint of a whine or dramatic flare, Ellie copies her tone and body language to a tee. It’s exhausting.

This has led Jacques to declare we just can’t handle any more girls.  Not at the moment anyway, as we lack the fortitude and strength.

I don’t agree totally but I do have my own reasoning for desiring a third son.  Again, not like we have a say, but for what it’s worth:

Lord, how about a boy?  We will take whatever you think we need, but here’s the thing:

We don’t have room on the line for another girl.  See?